Machine Vendors

There are now hundreds of companies around the world competing for a share of the ever-expanding AM/3DP hardware market. The need for a precise and targeted go-to-market strategy has never been more critical, a Strategy that must focus directly around the unmet needs of the end-user.

For the last 15-years, I have helped a range of companies position and launch new AM/3DP hardware, from small early-stage start-ups looking for funding, through to some of the worlds largest technology providers.

My approach is always the same. I start by understanding the capabilities of your technology and what differentiates it from existing systems. We then work together to explore the application spaces in Rapid Prototyping, Jigs, fixtures and tooling, casting pattern manufacture, spare part and end-use part production. We then look at the value proposition that your differentiated product offers. Before considering how we can position it within the market place to make it competitively priced, but without leaving ‘money on the table’. I would welcome the opportunity to speak confidentially to anyone looking to bring a new AM/3DP machine to market as I know I can help.

Materials Vendors

As the number of AM/3DP hardware users has increased, so has the demand for raw materials. AM/3DP users can now select from a vast number of materials options available from hundreds of different material vendors.  So how do you get your material from the laboratory into the hands of customers in a format that they know will work right first time? Moreover, how can you be sure that there is both a market and a channel for what you have to offer? Let me help you.

My approach, which I have used with several global materials suppliers, starts with the end-user and understanding their unmet material needs. We look at how well your material proposition fits with their unmet needs and what if any formulation changes may be necessary to create a winning material. Once we know your material has a market, we then need to look at both the format of your material and which AM/3DP hardware platforms can process it.

Firstly we will work together on the appropriate material conversion processes, such as powder, filament or resin manufacture. We will then engage with a specialist AM/3DP technology company such as Added Scientific Ltd who can undertake the critical process characterisation of your material by identifying the optimum processing parameters for the most appropriate hardware.

Once you have a working material, I can then help you to develop your go-to-market strategy. This strategy could be through direct sales to an established group of hardware users, through strategic alliances with hardware vendors or by partnering with several specialist AM/3DP reseller channels. Get in touch if you want to break into the AM/3DP materials market.

Software Vendors

The AM/3DP software landscape is becoming cluttered, with a myriad of university spin-outs and seedcorn funded early state start-up competing with established global players. Over the last 15-years, I have helped several software companies to enter the AM/3DP market place.

My approach starts by understanding your solution, and how this can be used to improve the digital workflow of AM/3DP users. I then use my insight and experience to map the existing competitor landscape. If your solution is entering an already crowded market, I will work with you to focus on market differentiation and how best to win customers through added-value. If you have a ‘truly’ new solutions unseen by the market,  I will use my extensive industry network to test the water and to gain clear insight into demand levels and value. From this, we can then develop a go-to-market strategy or partnership strategy. Partnership development could be with other software companies to ensure interoperability, or with the AM/3DP hardware vendors that would benefit from your enabling data solution.

If you have an idea for a software product, or something all ready to go to market, let’s talk.

Past Clients

So who are some of the technology, materials and software vendors I have helped to navigate and exploit the growing AM/3DP market place?

Hardware vendors

3D Systems, Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF), Canon, Hewlett Packard, MakerBot, MTT, Objet Geometries, Renishaw, Stratasys & Xerox


4D Biomaterials, Carpenter, Cookson Precious Metals, DSM Somos, Henkel & Sandvick Osprey


Adobe, AutoDesk, Delcam, Solidworks & Viaccess-Orca (Orange Telecom)